Step by Step Instructions

Place salt in a clean and dry quart jar.

Layer sugar on top of salt and level off.

Place remaining ingredients on top of the sugar in a pleasing fashion.

Seal with a lid and ring.

Attach tag with ribbon or twine and you are ready to give your gift!


Today we are kicking off our official series of Thanksgiving recipes for 2017 with this Turkey Brine Gift in a Jar.  Next week I will share how to brine a turkey and how to roast a perfect brined turkey.  I know you are going to love those!  This is a sweet little gift in a jar that is easy to make, inexpensive and I thought would be a nice pre Thanksgiving gift for either whoever invited you to dinner or as a favor take away for those you have invited to dinner.  That way each family can use this to brine their Christmas bird or wait till whenever they choose to use it.  

This brine is super simple to put together and is inexpensive compared to the versions sold in stores.  This brine will take care of a turkey that is anywhere from 15 to 20 plus pounds.  So it will be perfect for just about any size bird someone would choose.

I have also made a PDF gift tag for you to print and cut out to use for your gift in a jar.  Just something fun and cute that also has instructions for brining the bird in a very basic way.  You will be able to find this on the same page as the recipe on my website.  LInk will be below.

I hope you give this turkey brine, gift in a jar a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 cups kosher salt
1 cup brown sugar
¼ cup chicken bouillon
½ cup dried cranberries

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Turkey Brine Gift in a Jar

Turkey Brine Gift in a Jar