Retro Appetizers for New Year's Eve

Retro Stuffed Celery Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen

Last, but not least is good old fashioned and retro stuffed celery.  Growing up we only stuffed our celery with cream cheese or "squeeze cheese"  You know, the spray cheese in a can?  Yes, it is delicious, but nobody will admit it.  I am stuffing mine with some Alouette cheese in garlic and herb and everything bagel flavors.  You can use whatever flavored cheese is your favorite.  The flavored cream cheese or soft whipped cream cheese is a nice offering as well.  I filled mine and cut it into smaller pieces then sprinkled with paprika for color.

These are a few of the retro appetizers that we love in our family.  I hope that this gives you some inspiration to dig into your own recipe box or cook book cupboard for a trip down memory lane!  Remember, if we don't pass it on, it dies with us and in some cases that is a real shame!

I would like to take the time to wish you all an amazing new year.  I hope that God's blessings are heaped upon you in abundance!

Happy Eating and Happy New Year!

Party Rounds Appetizer Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen

In honor of New Year's Eve, I thought it would be fun to do three retro recipes for appetizers that are reminiscent of my youth.  These hearken back to the party foods my mother used to make when I was a wee one.  She was, and still is an amazing hostess.  These three are some of our favorites.  Party rounds, dried beef and cream cheese pinwheels and stuffed celery.  If you don't make all of these, make the party rounds!  I promise, you will thank me!   

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Hi!  I'm Noreen, wife, mother of two amazing, almost grown, daughters, content creator, cook, baker and sister in Christ. Welcome to my Kitchen!   I hope you stick around, enjoy the recipes and share them with those you love!

Party Rounds Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen

I got such a response to the pineapple cheese ball, retro recipe that I have decided to roll with that theme, and give you at least one of these a month in the coming year.  I will also host a playlist for these delicious retro memories and hope that you enjoy this journey.  

The first is my mom's party rounds.  Decadent to say the least.  Rounds of pumpernickel, rye or baguette topped with a rich mixture of mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and seasonings, broiled to brown, bubbly perfection.  These are rich and delicious and you will want to keep them coming because your guests are going to love them!

Next up is a childhood favorite of mine.  Dried beef and cream cheese pinwheels.  My mom used to use a different type of dried beef that you can no longer get, but this Armour version in the jar is a an apt substitute.  I have shingled them on a parchment and spread with super soft cream cheese.  Rolled it up and chilled the log.  Then sliced with a serrated knife into little rounds which I placed on a cracker to create a delicious canape'.    These are easy to eat and a great pick up to go along with cocktails.  You can also spread the slices with cream cheese individually then serve as a roll up like you would salami and mozzarella.  

Dried Beef and Cream Cheese PInwheels Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen

I was born in the middle of the 60's.  Post Korean War and Pre Vietnam.  Just after President Kennedy left us but before Nixon resigned.  It was a very different time.  In all things, especially the food.  There were few conveniences and most everything was made from scratch.  The T.V. dinner was sort of new, having debuted, probably 10 years before.  People dressed to leave the house.  Dressed to go shopping and especially loved to dress for cocktail parties and evening affairs.  Holidays were filled with all sorts of occasions for dressing up, rubbing elbows and nothing was ever to be considered casual.  When something was casual, you would never see a pair of jeans and sweat pants were for the gym.  
Yes, it was a very different time.  My mother loved to entertain and nearly every New Year's Eve when I was small, I can recall her, either attending or hosting a grand party with my father.  My brother and I were lucky to spend the night with either of our grandparents and when we returned the next day there was always a plate full of goodness from the festivities the night before.  These memories are so vivid for me and so special.  Making these recipes for you today takes me back and I hope, if you make them, you enjoy them as much as I do.

Retro Appetizers for New Year's Eve, Noreen's Kitchen
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