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Hi!  I'm Noreen, wife, mother of two amazing, almost grown, daughters, content creator, cook, baker and sister in Christ. Welcome to my Kitchen!   I hope you stick around, enjoy the recipes and share them with those you love!

Pressure Cooker Down East

Shrimp Boil

Pressure Cooker Down East Shrimp Boil Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen
Red Potatoes, Noreen's Kitchen
Fresh lemons, Noreen's Kitchen

When all was said and done we removed everything to a tray and enjoyed.  I served this with melted butter and homemade cocktail sauce.  It was delicious and the shrimp were perfectly cooked.  I could not have been happier and neither could my family.  We feasted on this special meal.  To think that it cooked in just under 15 minutes was amazing.  Remember the 5 minute time is only for the cooking.  If your pot is full it will take longer for it to come to pressure.

I hope you will give this amazing down east shrimp boil a try some time and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

Fresh Corn on the cob, Noreen's Kitchen

Today we are sharing a delicious and quick down east shrimp boil.  In the style of eastern North Carolina.  In my area, we are about 45 minutes from the ocean.  We are also at the very southern tip of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Way down east, you will find, the beginnings of the barrier islands that comprise the eastern most boarders of our state.  The people who live here are referred to as "down easters".  They have lived here for generations and are skilled fishermen and boat builders as well as craftsmen and farmers.  Down easters, know how to eat seafood.  The food that they have pulled from the ocean for decades.  This is my version of a simple shrimp boil, using my homemade seafood seasoning, local jumbo shrimp and all the trimmings.  The only difference is that we are going to make our in the pressure cooker.

I am using my 10 quart Elite by Maxi Matic pressure cooker with the  stainless steel insert which I purchased separately.  I will leave a link to the pressure cooker below.  You would think that cooking shrimp in the pressure cooker might be a bad idea.  Rick was not really happy about putting $20 worth of beautiful shrimp in there.  I assured him it would be fine.  In the end it was delicious and they were perfectly cooked.  There are a couple of secrets to getting this just right though and if you stick to this advice your shrimp boil will turn out great every time!

Noreen's Kitchen Headshot
Pressure Cooker Down East Shrimp boil Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen
Jumbo Shrimp, Noreen's Kitchen
Homemade Seafood Seasoning, Noreen's Kitchen

First I put a rack in the bottom of my vessel.  I bought my rack at Michaels and it fits perfectly.  If you have a different model PC, then yours may have come with one.  You will want to use the rack for this process because you don't want things sitting in that liquid getting soggy.  I added 2 cups of water to the bottom.  You should refer to your owner's manual for your model to be sure you are using yours properly.

First I added the potatoes to the bottom of the vessel.  These are the hardest and would normally take the longest to cook.  Being in the bottom will help everything cook evenly and in the same amount of time.  I sprinkled seasoning on each layer.  I added corn on top of the potatoes, sausage on top of the corn some cut up lemons and then the shrimp on top.  I squeezed half of the lemons into the vessel over all the ingredients then added the remaining seasoning on to the shrimp.  I tossed the squeezed lemons in to so they could infuse with the rest of the goodness.  I also added  a half a stick of butter to the top for flavor.

I used the "fish and vegetables" setting on my PC which automatically defaults to 5 minutes cooking time.  I allowed the machine to come to pressure, cook for five minutes then did a quick release so as not to overcook the shrimp because nobody wants to eat shrimp flavored erasers in their seafood boil!  

                                                                                       Noreen's Kitchen
                                                   Pressure Cooker

                                             Down Easy Shrimp Boil


2 pounds jumbo shrimp
2 pounds baby red or gold potatoes
4 ears of corn broken in half
1-pound link of smoked sausage cut in chunks
¼ cup seafood seasoning
¼ cup (1/2 stick) butter
1 lemon cut in 8ths
2 cups water

                                           Step by Step Instructions

NOTE:  I am using an Elite 10 quart electric pressure cooker.  Please consult the manufacturers instruction manual for your model to learn how best to set your model of machine for cooking this dish.

Devein and peel shrimp, leaving on the tails.  Set aside.

Prepare the pressure cooker with a rack in the bottom as well as 2 cups of water.

Layer the ingredients in the pot in this order:

Potatoes in the bottom, corn on top of the potatoes, sausage on top of the corn, shrimp on top of everything.

Add lemon pieces in throughout and sprinkle seasoning in between each layer liberally.

Squeeze about half of the lemon over the top and leave the rind in the pot to infuse its flavor into the other ingredients.

Add the butter to the top.

Place the lid on the cooker, making sure the vent is in the shut position.

If you have a fish/vegetable preset, choose this and set for 5 minutes.

Allow the pressure cooker to come up to pressure and cook until the timer counts down then do a quick release by releasing the pressure valve/vent and allowing the steam to escape.

Open up your cooker and remove the ingredients to a platter and enjoy.

I served mine with homemade cocktail sauce and drawn butter.


Smoked Sausage, Noreen's Kitchen