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Hi!  I'm Noreen, wife, mother of two amazing, almost grown, daughters, content creator, cook, baker and sister in Christ. Welcome to my Kitchen!   I hope you stick around, enjoy the recipes and share them with those you love!

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burger & fry seasoning

Pressure Cooker Down East Shrimp Boil Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen


¼ cup fine salt
1 tablespoon sweet paprika
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons onion powder
1 tablespoon cracked black pepper
1 tablespoon parsley
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon dry mustard
2 teaspoon Worcestershire powder

                                           Step by Step Instructions

Combine ingredients in a jar and give it a good shake.  Use on burgers, chicken, steak, fries and more.  Perfect for barbecue season!


I have used basics such as salt, pepper, paprika, both sweet and smoked, along with garlic and onion powder, parsley, dry mustard, chili powder added a couple serious flavor boosters in tomato and Worcestershire sauce powder.  The last two give this seasoning an amazing kick that will have everyone wondering what's in there!

I hope you give this burger and fry seasoning a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

Summer is upon us and Independence day is just around the corner.  No better time to roll out a tasty homemade burger and fry seasoning that you will want to sprinkle on everything you thrown on the grill this summer and beyond!  You can probably make this with items you already have in your pantry with the exception of a couple specialty spices I have used, but I will share links on where you can get those quick so you can enjoy this seasoning before summer gets into full swing!

This has an amazing flavor that would be great on burgers, steaks, chicken, fish or seafood and of course french fries or potatoes.  Add some to a barbecue rub for a great base like a cowboy coffee rub for an espresso steak or even added to a salad dressing to toss with your favorite mixed greens.  This seasoning blend will make you happy no matter where you choose to use it!

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Pressure Cooker Down East Shrimp boil Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen

Homemade Burger and fry seasoning