2 cups fresh or frozen pineapple cubed
1 fresh mango, diced
1 medium banana, sliced
1/4 cup dried dates, chopped
3 tablespoons egg white powder*
1 tablespoon hemp seed
1 tablespoon chia seed
1 tablespoon hemp oil
1 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut milk
2 cups ice cubes

Agave nectar to taste (optional)


Place all ingredients into the carafe of a blender and whirl until smooth. 

You can adjust the thickness of your smoothie by adding more or less ice and/or coconut milk.  You can also make the smoothie super slushy by using frozen mango, pineapple and banana and eliminating the ice cubes.  This will give you a super thick smoothie an eliminate excess water.

You can also throw in any additional fruits you like.  A handful of strawberries or mixed berries would also be lovely!

Serve in tall glasses for a protein packed start to your day.  Enjoy this on the run or relaxing with the newspaper or your email!

Leftover smoothie can be frozen and popped into the blender with a bit more juice or milk to blend the next day!

*NOTE:  You can use 2 fresh egg whites in place of the powder in this recipe.



Dairy Free High Protein​ Breakfast Smoothie

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