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1 quart of cool, filtered, water


1 1/3 cups ground coffee

Step by Step Instructions



Place coffee grounds in a jar large enough to accommodate both the coffee and the water.


Pour the cool, filtered water over the coffee grounds and stir gently while pouring to get the grounds moist.


Put a lid on the jar and place in the refrigerator.


Allow coffee to steep for a minimum of 8 hours but 24 is optimal. 


Strain coffee through a super fine mesh sieve.  I used a yogurt strainer, but a reusable coffee filter will to the trick.


You can adjust this to make as much or as little as you like.  I make mine a gallon at a time using 4 cups of coffee grounds or just about a 12 ounce bag of my favorite coffee blend.


Enjoy coffee straight, cut with water to your desired taste or as a wonderful base for iced coffee.  You can also heat this up if you wish.


This coffee is less acidic and has slightly less caffeine.    It is also very smooth and robust tasting.


Making a cold brewed coffee infusion is a great option anytime.  Especially if you don't have a coffee maker!  You can make this up weekly and always have coffee on hand when you want some, hot, cold or for recipes. 


If you like to frequent a coffee house for your morning cup than this could save you big bucks over time and it can save you time on your morning rounds!




Cold Brewed Coffee

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