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chili poached eggs

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Balsamic Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner Recipe, Prepping the Vegetables, Noreen's Kitchen

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Balsamic Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner Recipe, Prepping Chicken and Potatoes, Noreen's Kitchen

I also mentioned that this dish is reminiscent of a middle eastern dish called Shakshuka.  While it is not chili, shakshuka is eggs poached in a delicious tomato and vegetable sauce that is filled with delicious aromatics and spices that make your mouth water.  I will have to share that with you one day.  

No matter what you call it, chili and eggs or chili poached eggs are delicious and satisfying served for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  This is definitely an anytime dish.  Easy to prepare and you can make this as simple or fancy as you like. You can serve yours however you prefer.   I have served mine with a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese, a dollop of sour cream and sliced avocado.  This would be equally as delicious with queso fresco, sliced black and or green olives and a drizzle of Mexican crema.  You make it your own.

My biggest tip for getting the eggs into the pan is to use a custard cup.  Crack your eggs into the cup one at a time, then gently tip the eggs into the simmering chili by holding it very close to the surface so they will slide right in without splashing or causing the yolk to break.  Then just pop a lid on and allow the eggs to cook until the whites are solid and the yolks just runny enough to be delicious.  

I have served mine with warmed flour tortillas because that is our preference. It is just as delicious with corn tortillas or even toast.  Crumbled tortilla chips make a nice addition to the top and add a crunch that is just lovely.   No matter how you serve these, I hope you will give them a try, especially if you have never enjoyed chili poached eggs before, I think you will be in for a real treat!

I do hope you will give chili poached eggs a try soon and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating!

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Hi!  I'm Noreen, wife, mother of two amazing, almost grown, daughters, content creator, cook, baker and sister in Christ. Welcome to my Kitchen!   I hope you stick around, enjoy the recipes and share them with those you love!

Having grown up in Arizona, chili and eggs was something I was introduced to early on.  My mother never made it, having a fairly big aversion to anything containing beans.  So I was first served this at the home of a friend in Jr.  high school.  I have to say, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  Homemade chili simmered in a shallow pan with eggs poached right in there.  When you are 12 years old this seems very odd, but the older you get and the longer you live in the American southwest this becomes the norm. This quick and tasty dish is a favorite of many old timers way out west and beyond!

Chili and eggs is different from Huevos Rancheros, but both are frequently found on menus of diners across the land.  Chili and eggs is a bit of an easier prospect than Huevos, but when you have leftover chili, you use what you have.  I know that many of you may already enjoy this delicacy but for those of you who may never have thought of this combination, I share with you today.  Thinking up different ways to use a bulk cooked item can sometimes lead you down a dead end.  I am here to help you avoid that.  I would much rather give you lots of forks in the road from which to choose!


serves 2

3 cups leftover chili

4 eggs


Step by Step Instructions

Place chili in a heavy bottomed skillet and bring to a gentle simmer

Crack each egg into a small bowl and tip into the chili.

Place a lid on the pan and allow to slowly simmer for 5 minutes or until the yolks are cooked and a bit runny but not hard.

Serve in shallow bowls with sliced avocado, cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion if desired.

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