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We  were fortunate enough to find some beautiful New York strip steaks at our commissary and made them our New Year's eve dinner along with some mushrooms, baked potatoes and roasted zucchini.  I seasoned them with my favorite  Pride of Szeged steak seasoning and threw them into a preheated cast iron grill pan which I had added both olive oil and butter to.  The combination will prevent the butter from burning and the butter adds tons of flavor to your steak.  

The secret to getting a great sear is preheating your skillet for a good long time over medium high heat.  I preheated mine for no less than 30 minutes before adding the oil, butter and seasoned steak.  These were pulled when they attained a good brown crust and grill lines from my pan and just before they were the perfect doneness.  Resting will help them to be perfect and carry over cooking is something you should always remember.  

How to Sear Steak in a Cast Iron Pan, Noreen's Kitchen
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Pan Searing Steak in Cast Iron Skillet Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen

Happy New Year!  Let's start things off with a kitchen basic that we should all know how to achieve!  How to pan sear a steak to perfection.  It is very cold in my neck of the woods and unseasonably so.  We are currently under a winter storm warning and here that is not really a thing for at least a couple of months.  While I am excited we don't want to fire up the barbecue in sub zero temps.  So cooking the perfect steak on the stove is a must.   Join me as I share this process as well as some tips for telling how your steak is done.  Whether you enjoy rare or medium well, there is a way for you to know and it is all in the palm of your hand!

You don't have to have a grill pan, a flat bottom skillet will work as well.  If you  have a cast iron griddle pan that will work too.  I just find that this is the best way to get the most delicious and flavorful steak on top of the stove.  Many five star chefs actually cook steak in this manner and with a lot more butter than I have.  A real treat is to add a pat of truffle butter to the steak when it is ready to be served.  You have not lived until you have had steak with truffle butter!  

I hope you give this method for cooking steak a try sometime soon and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating and Happy New Year!

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